About John

John Wylie is a 32 year old friendly creative, communicator, problem solver, and follower of Jesus. He believes that all of the things he does should be done to the glory of God. He has had a lot of experience in customer care, sales and social media management… John enjoys people, discovering new things, understanding problems and helping to solve them.

img-2563John has discovered one of the best places a believer can be is surrounded by a body of believers, which is why he has been active in a church community his whole life. He has been involved with worship teams, youth group presidencies, and youth ministry positions. Being in the body of Christ has always been key to his existence and well-being as a person.

John has an extensive portfolio and resume. He has overseen Social Media Management for both For Profit and Non-Profit organizations. He’s done everything from full on management, to consulting, to general oversight and vision-mapping. Coaching some of the world’s most influential thought leaders, he has been able to help individuals and organizations streamline their Social Media marketing efforts and achieve measurable success. 

John’s work life reflects his love for Christ. Meeting people where they are and doing everything he can to help them out in their circumstance or situation is a passion. Problem solving and assisting wherever there is a need are his daily ambitions.

Quantifying and qualifying dreams and digital goals is one of John’s many strengths – when it comes to sharing stories and vision online. John gets fired up sitting down with teams and hearing their hearts and passions – then getting to “brass tacks” and helping teams make that vision and passion a reality online through the sharing of stories!

John impacts and influences over 100,000 people online every day just from his personal platforms alone. He has been managing his own social media and crafting his brand online for over 15 years. Professionally, he has been marketing and helping others market and share their stories for over 10 years.

To connect with John, feel free to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn at the links below:

Twitter: twitter.com/johnwylie
Instagram: instagram.com/johnwylie.ig
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/johnwwylie/

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