Slow down.

It seems like in today’s world, we’ve forgotten how to slow down. In a world filled with instant coffee, drive-through meals, and grocery stores that will actually shop for you while you wait in your car (not mad about this one, honestly) – we seem to have lost our ability to be patient and WAIT. … More Slow down.

Day One

Here we are, folks! Day one of our 90 Day Bible Reading Plan! I invite you to join us on this journey – every now and then you will see blog posts inspired by the words we are reading for the day. This should be GREAT! It’s going to get hard…but keep pressing. We’ve got … More Day One

Get serious about God.

I live in Texas. Many of you know this. And for the past 10 years of my life I have lived in “The Bible Belt” – an area that is marked by Churches, Christian Tradition, and tons of “KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS” bumper stickers. 


Have you heard of FOMO? No, it isn’t some sort of Government program designed to take over the rest of the world…FOMO means “Fear of Missing Out”. And it is a very real thing.

Purge and Unplug.

I was looking at my phone this morning and I have so many apps. Random ones I downloaded because of a conversation with a friend about the next big network (Peach?), the next big game (flappy bird?) and random news apps. It’s time to downsize. I have apps on my phone that I haven’t touched … More Purge and Unplug.