Healing: A Journey

I started taking mental health medication last night.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know over the past couple weeks I’ve been sharing my journey of finding myself in a deep pit of depression and needing to find more substantial help.

Well, I did it. Last week I had my appointment with a online doctor and we decided together that medication was a good step forward for the time being.

I got a prescription for Prozac and Mirtazapine.

I took the Mirtazapine last night and got the best sleep I have had in over a year. Deep sleep. (I need to start taking it at a normal bed time because it knocked me out flat in under an hour…and kept me asleep for over 8 hours).

I took my Prozac this morning, and my body is feeling a bit dizzy and like I have to focus with my verbal communication more than usual. From what I understand these are “normal” when first starting an SSRI.

I will try my best to continue to write here about my journey.

Oh; I forgot to mention. This medicine is coming alongside counseling, more intentional outdoor activity and therapy. I am not just relying on the meds to help me get better – but I am adding the meds to an already active set of tools and tactics to battle my depression.

I am hopeful to see how all of this works out; and am honored to have YOU along for the journey.

Best ahead.

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