What’s in your hand?

When it comes to the world and current events – it is very easy to become overwhelmed and start to shrink back at the prospect of being able to do anything about it.

COVID-19 on a second wave in India & the East, conflict in the Middle East between many countries (not just Israel and Palestine). Not to mention the usual issues of starving people here and abroad, hurting widows, orphans, and the ‘least of these’.

We can look around, and throw our hands up in defeat.

But, the next time you are scrolling thru your newsfeed, the next time you are scrolling your IG, Twitter, or Facebook…ask yourself the question that God asked Moses thousands of years ago: “What’s in your hand?”

You see – Moses found himself in a crazy situation as well. In the midst of talking to God in the form of a bush on fire but not consumed (crazy!) – Moses, reasonably so, has some doubts about what this bush/God is telling Him. God is promising Moses a big Exodus (where we get the name of the book) of His people lead by Moses.

Moses looks around in the midst of his doubts and voicing them to God…and tells God what the people would say about him ‘hearing the voice of God’. And God asks him in that moment “What’s in your hand?”

Bingo. A staff. A simple tool that Moses used every day to walk, tend his animals, and generally look like a baller. God has Moses do some things with his hands, which are pretty dang trippy. If you have some time, read Exodus 4. It’s wild.

But the point is this; Moses had something in his hand. Something common, something used by many folks of the day. And God used the common thing in Moses’ hand to suddenly do something powerful – help prove the realities of God and the truth God shared with him.

You see where I am going with this?

We also have something common in our hands. Something everyone uses. Something God can use to prove His real-ness and His truth to the world. His truth is, and will always be, the one thing that never fades or tarnishes in this world.

We can use our phones, my friend, to powerfully show people we’ve been with God…that He has given us a special and unique place, a calling…and it doesn’t have to be crazy complicated, polished, or fancy.

Like a stick, our common, ordinary, every day, thing can become a powerful tool of proof to the world that there is something better…greater…stronger than any conflict, plague, sickness, famine…

It can be as simple as sharing that God loves the people who follow you. It can be something as simple as sharing a single verse or thought that comes to mind during your quiet time.

You don’t have to share a sermon, you don’t have to create beautiful content, you can just post a simple message; “God loves you, sees you, desires to be with you, and calls you precious!”

The simple message of Jesus. His finished work. It can change the world.

We can change the world.

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