Well hello there, God!

Have you ever had those moments when you just feel like everything will be okay?

You know what I am talking about?
Things are going crazy – life is happening – and you say a quick prayer for God to speak.

Then he does.

Oh glorious day!

This whole trip to Minnesota has been a story of this happening.
God showing me connections up here that I never knew I had.
He is moving. He is speaking, He is beckoning.

Working on this book of mine – praying over it – God is showing me things to write about.
Things to press in to him about, things to encourage others about.

I am excited about this coming year of blogging, writing, and life in general.
Pumped to see what He does!

How is he speaking to you?


  • I went to Passion Conference in Atlanta and has probably been the coolest thing that I have ever went to. Not only did God speak to me by not being ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but I have to work hard for the Glory of God in whatever I do.

  • My wife and I have really been stiring with something the Lord laid on our hearts about a year ago. We want to start a kids outreach ministry. Really loooking into it and asking for sure what the Lord wants us to do with this.

  • Good days are fabulous I feel God is using me right where I am at like Paul says be content in all seasons. It is not what I expceted and I flaborgasted but I am finally getting healing and contentment. It has been a ruff, ruff two years but filled with much, much good too. It is beyound epic and I could write a book on just the two years. Like a ruff wild dance but I miss the walts.Thanks your for your writings and encouraging blessing on new love, new bright lights and shining stars of hope. I constanstly have to keep myself encouraged becacuse I see so much depravity in the truths I can hear, learn and see. Praers and people in ruff times. But like a Pastor recently said you cannot make every wrong right. All you resepectable people encourage me. To keep on keeping on and you too Brother John keep on keeping on. Congradulations on new connections in Minnesota that must be outstanding.

    Sister Adriana

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