‘Tis the Season

I don’t know about you guys, but this weather is getting me PUMPED for Christmas.. 

The cool, crisp, air…the sights of old colorful leaves on the ground…some parts of the country even experiencing SNOW!

You guys, Jesus’ birth is near! We are anxious and ready to celebrate!

But – we should all take a moment to pray for those families who are ‘celebrating’ this season with one or two less loved ones. People who’ve experienced loss – even recent loss – of loved ones over 2016.

This season is great and exciting, but let us not be quick to forget that it also can be hard for many of those who surround us in our daily lives.

I love you guys!

One comment

  • I feel the bubbling of Christmas, and nice post from you. Of course we’re praying for them all. Love you too😅

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