Psalms: An Introduction

I’ve always been a man who has been in touch with his emotions.

I feel things.
I sense things.
I tend to pick up on ‘vibes’ and such from people and situations.
Again, I feel things. In a very deep way.

I’ve always been pretty expressive about how I feel.
Being able to share the thoughts I have and the feelings I have in ways that most men don’t resonate with – or understand.

Due to these facts – I believe the book of Psalms resonates with me the most in scripture.
In this collection of songs and poems – we see into the heart of David (and other writers) and get a glimpse into the feelings and emotion of David. Both the AMAZING stuff, and the sad stuff.

The Psalms give us access to the heart and mind of a man who was “A man after God’s own heart”. Through the Psalms we can see and uncover more and more of the heart of God and His feelings towards us. We can see responses to sin, the heart of reconciliation, and the overwhelming sense of belonging that is found in the almighty.

I am really excited to kick off this journey with you all.
I am not sure how long it will be – but I am sure it will be a fun journey to be on.

This series is going to be more of a public journal to my thoughts about the Psalms. You’ll also find some historical references as to why the Psalm was written, who wrote it, and what was going on in the author’s life to inspire the Psalm (should any or all of these be applicable).

Most of all – I just want to have a discussion…a conversation. One that may encourage other men out there who FEEL THINGS on a deep level…that may inspire men to be more open and honest about the nature of their hearts and minds. I pray this series starts a conversation that echos through generation after generation of men and women…inspiring those around us to be open, and in touch, about our feelings.

John Wylie

I am just a blogger, drummer, brother, uncle, and friend living my life for Jesus Christ and blogging about it.

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