Comment Policy

Well lets start this off by me saying I love comments. I do – a lot. They are what keep this community going – and a few bad comments or hurtful words can really wreck the community I try to maintain and foster here. So with that being said – I’ve set up a few rules or standards to comments that I am going to be upholding on this blog.

My Comment Policy and Guidelines:

  1. You are the only person responsible for your comments – and it not only represents your opinion but also your integrity as a human being. Keep this in mind.
  2. I am not to blame for any hurtful words spoken in comments, and you are to ‘Hold Harmless’ me or any guest posters for any words that are said in reply to a comment on the thread you post on.
  3. This being said, I HATE and will not stand for personal attacks on my blog. I hold the right to edit, and delete posts that get way too personal. And I will do so without hesitation. You can say this is a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy.
  4. Please use good taste in the content of your comment as well as your word choice. I don’t have issue with “bad” language but if used aggressively or in poor taste.
  5. Please add your personal URL to a working website (preferably your blog) as many readers would like to get in touch with you and see what you are all about – remember this is all about community.
  6. E-mail : I need you to put a WORKING E-mail address in when you comment, as I will probably want to contact you personally at some point.
  7. I will not share your E-mail with any third party software or companies. I value my privacy and I value yours as well.
  8. I hate spam – and do my best to filter out all spam. I use Akismet to catch most of if, but occasionally one or two spam posts will sneak by – they are usually easy to spot. Please know I am doing my best to keep the blog spam-free.
  9. I cannot guarantee a comment to every single comment, but I do my best to reply to any that I can.
  10. You grant me license to use your comment in blog posts, written material, and any other form of publishing. Thanks!

These 10 rules should cover everything that needs to be said. But if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Now, again, I will remind you that I love comments. But these rules must be in place to make sure that the community that is building here remains happy and healthy.


  • John, I read your blog. Interesting to see people getting IT at such a young age.I have been sharing the gospel for 40 years and I found the best way to explain it to a Non-believer is this : Jesus died on the cross FOR YOU, to give His life TO YOU, to LIVE His life THROUGH YOU ! I heard this many years ago and when I follow up with people I always let them know, You get the first two, but the last one is the hardest one. Because in order for Jesus to live THROUGH US, we have to get out of the way to make that happen. And WE don’t like doing that. Keep the faith, BE real, Don’t be phoney and LOVE People. Come see me in the ATX .sometime, where we are Keepin it Weird. God Bless

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