My Story

Just a little piece of my story – the salvation. It gets more detailed than this…but this is the major part.



  • Mad awesome to me how God never holds our past against us. When we surrender it all to Him, we have a clean slate and He throws our sins far away from us. We are free and can serve Him with all of our being. Your testimony is amazing. Id love to see more people do video Testimonies…

    • Thank you so much! God is amazing…blows my mind every time I remember he loves me. I mean…seriously?! WOAH!!
      I think everyone with a blog who is a believer should make one! :)

      • I enjpyed the vidieo, and when looking at the vidieo and after knowing you, before looking at the vidieo, it is really hard for me to beleive you have not always been a good Christian person. I think God kept working with you, because he knew you would be a good worker for him and his work.

  • Thanks for the testimony. It means more to me than you can know to see young people step out and live for Christ. God bless you.

  • I didn’t know the Lord yet, so not always Dr Pepper….HAHA!!! Love it! Glad you know him now :-)

    Seriously though, GREAT testimony, you’ve inspired me to do mine……Keep on talking for Jesus bro….. :-)

  • Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with us, those who are believers and need encouragement from other brothers or sisters; and for those who do not know Christ yet. Honestly this has been a blessing to me and I praise God for that. I felt like I’m not alone, walking with Jesus living the Christian life is not easy but is neither difficult.

    God bless you!!!

  • john wylie…just now watch your video….thanks for your testimony, and you have a blessing more than you know. Psalm 144-it says who is God that he his mindful of us!(:

    Love you my friend,

  • I just watched your video and it honestly brought me to tears. While i do know Jesus and am always working on my relationship with God, like you said it isnt always easy and lots of times things seem really hard. I’ve been asking God to help me through some of the tough times im going through right now and to lead me to people who can help who also understand his grace and he led me straight to this video of yours. Everything you said was exactly what i needed to hear tonight and i thank you so much for it. God Bless.

  • Awesome dude! I really enjoyed hearing your testimony and seeing the hand of God at work to bring you to Him. Thanks for sharing and may He use you mightily for His purposes.

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