The Easier Path

I have recently heard some quotes from some folks on Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, and Facebook. All saying pretty much the same thing:
“You know you are on the path of God when it all makes sense!”
Is that when we truly know we are on the right path?
When we feel good about what we are doing,
where we are going,
why we are doing certain things…
Is this biblical?
Being “Comfortable” with where Christ tells you to go,
what do to,
and to talk to certain people.

I have often felt like I was on the path that felt good,
but while on that path,
I felt furthest away from the Lord.
I felt as if I was doing things for my own selfish gain,
and not for His glory.

I like to talk about Matthew 7:13:
“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

Does this sound like a gate that feels good to be on?
The verse right after talks about the road that leads to salvation,
is narrow and hard to tread on.
Jesus Christ goes on to give many other explanations of “Narrow-ness” and “easy paths leading to distruction”.
I don’t know, but this doesn’t seem like a comfortable path to me.

I am scared that in todays American Church we have taken the truth of God,
and shrunk it down into one pill-sized package.
We have taken this truth of a narrow path,
and created an easy to understand,
easy to walk on,
easy to attain to salvation – “Truth”.

We have taken these struggles that are clearly written about in scripture,
and said that “If you are on the right path, things will be alright and makes sense to you”.
This is never said in the bible,
everyone who ever has followed Christ in the bible,
where told and commanded to do things that they did not want to do.
But they did them, because they had a SOLID FOUNDATION on Jesus Christ.

I think the point of Christianity is taking the “path less traveled”,
not saying that you should go out and do something crazy awesome,
and claim it for the Lord.
But we need to seriously look at the path we are on,
and see, if we are truly making a difference in the world,
or if we are just doing something “comfortable” and making an excuse,
that “God told me to”.
Not saying that there aren’t people who are called to do stuff that “makes sense” to them,
but I am telling you, if everything has been happy-go-lucky,
maybe you should search your heart and find out if God is trying to bring you to a better path,
a path less traveled.

I have often found that when I am on the path that God wants me on,
I don’t feel comfortable,
but I have more joy,
More connection,
more relationship with my Father in heaven.

I feel that when I am on the “right path”
things are constantly falling appart around me,
but his voice still speaks to me and says “Fear not, I am with you!”.

I think in America today,
we preach too much about “Comfort” and “Resting in the Lord’s presence”
and while these things are good,
and healthy for your walk with Jesus.
We are not called to be comfortable all the time,
and we are not called to sleep all day in the Lord’s presence.
We are called to GO!
No matter what, GO and talk to people about HIM,
don’t just sit around and enjoy your salvation…
you are SAVED we get the point,
now go do something with it!

It won’t always be easy,
but you will always find Joy in HIM,
you will ALWAYS have his favor (even if you don’t always get what you want).
He is still GLORIOUS,
He is still WORTHY,
He is still GOD.


  • I think you’re right about this path business. I’m on a so-called comfortable path — at least it might seem that way to others. However, I’m realizing now that while it completely terrifies me … I might be called to do something else with my life. It’s not going to be easy — but I think that’s part of the point. It’s taking a leap of faith and strengthening a relationship with God.

    Rock on, my friend. :)

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