What is Love?

*baby don’t hurt me….don’t hurt me…no more!!*

baaahahaha, sorry i couldn’t resist.

hope this blog finds you in good spirits,
and happy times, wherever you are in life,
whatever the weather,
and whatever time it is.

this letter is a letter written in a mood of concern,
deep and meaningful caring-ness for all of you guys,
and for those strangers whom i do now know,
but still care for.

my friends this letter is being written to inform,
it is also written to open your eyes to,
the mystery that is, Love.

i am tired of logging onto my favorite networking sites such as,
Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Blogger to name a few,
to see status informers such as:
“i love you so much baby…i cannot live without you”
“i love my baby”
“i love you so much…” etcetra.

this is very strange for me to see,
teen girls, and boys talking about love,
as though they really know what it is,
how it feels,
and why they feel it.

i am writing this blog to maybe open some eyes,
maybe show a few people what real love is,
maybe show people the true meaning of a relationship.

that being said,
the goal of this blog is NOT to make you break up with your other.
it is simply written to open eyes to true love,
and to the love that is available to all who listen,
and act on it.

today’s society defines love as:
“either the literal or figurative dependence on something or someone”
“to care for a person, or individual with you whole heart”

now, look at those definitions.
then answer this:
how can a 13-23 year old truly care for someone/something with their full heart,
or depend on someone/something?!

we barely know what WE want in life,
and to give ourselves to another person,
and them to us, and to call it “Love” on top of that,

My friends, I am hurt,
and I am very concerned at what the modern America Relationship has become,
couples getting together, and doing things that most adults would be appalled at,
teens getting in relationships, and three weeks later saying they LOVE each other,
that they “can’t live without [insert name here]” then 3 weeks after claiming this undying love,
breaking up.

There is also “love” of many other things,
love of clothing, love of music, love of pets, love of money, love of drugs.
some of these things CAN cause a dependency, and addictions,
either way, according to our definition of love so far,
it is a Love.
These people DEPEND on those things for their LIFE, and PEACE.
but they quickly find, that even that cannot give them their love,
and sometimes it is too late,
they are addicted to them.
this is what hurts.

Teens and young adults alike are searching the world,
desperately looking for this “love” that they claim to have,
this desire to have someone depend on them,
and the them to depend on the other.

a desire to fill this gap inside of their heart,
something to hold, and to make sure would “never leave” and would “complete them”.
my friends, these people (maybe even you) are searching for something that,
will never fill this gap inside of them.

NOTHING on this world will give them Love back,
i am sorry if this doesn’t ring true to you,
but here is my proof.

In the scripture,
God creates the universe in the bible,
he begins to say “Let US create man in OUR image…”
what does this make you think of?!
possibly the trinity?!
our God is a tri-une God,
one God, Three Parts.

The God we serve is the MASTER of relationships.
Anyways, GOD creates man in HIS image,
and watches him…
…walkin around the garden, all cool like,
naming them animals left and right…
but God sees something is not right,
if Man is created in God’s image,
he must have RELATIONSHIP.

So, God puts Adam (that is Man’s first name) to sleep,
and shanks him, steals a rib,
and give it to Eve (the first Woman’s name).
Suddenly, Man gets very happy,
and God commands that man and woman will become ONE FLESH,
thru him, and him alone.

Get it?!
God is creating relationships,
Cause that is What God is,
a Relationship.

God made man, and woman,
man and woman got together,
then man and woman screwed up…

man and woman are kicked out of the Garden,
and God curses them with many many curses.

..God curses us all with death at this moment,
we are all doomed to die,

So, from that moment on,
Man will have this emptiness in his heart,

God has left man,
because man now has Sin,
and God does not deal with Sin…
we will have an emptiness,
and only try to fill it with more SIN.

That is what people in America are doing today,
we want to feel this “Love” we want to have this emptiness filled,
and the only way to do that, is thru God,
and the only way to experience TRUE LOVE, is thru God.

Now, on to relationships,
God created men and women to have relationships,
this is FACT.

Our God wants us to be with each other,
He wants us to get married,
he wants us to feel love! and be loved!

but the only way to do this us THRU HIM.
The man and woman must FULLY SUBMIT themselves to Christ,
thru that, God can come in and fill that Void,
you follow?

When the man and women souly rely on GOD,
they can finally feel love,
because the LOVE they feel is not their own,
it is God’s Love being shined down on them,
Thru this Relationship…
…Every christian married couple will tell you this,
that the love they feel after they are married is greater than the “love” they had before.

Don’t you get it?
Marriage is actually a marriage of 3 individuals,
Man, Woman, and GOD are put together,
in ONE flesh, to serve ONE God,
to bring praise, and honor, and love to,
our savior.

the scriptures tells us that God is love,
repeatedly throughout the entire bible.

My friends, I hate to tell you this,
but in relationships,
in these teen relationships,
you do NOT feel love,
i am sorry, but it is impossible to feel love without putting GOD first,
not just one person.

The scriptures CONSTANTLY talk about being “unevenly yoked”.
this means that the people involved in the relationship are not on the same level with God,
sometimes not even believers,
and i hate to brake it to you,
but just because the person goes to church every day,
does NOT mean he/she is a believer.

my friends,
I am sorry for huring your feelings,
but I honestly feel this message needs to be put out,
I want to be honest with my friends,
and that is all this blog is,

I Love you all,
meaning I CARE for all of you guys,
I Love being your friend,
And I do all this Loving thru Jesus Christ,
and God the father, without Whom, we are all lost.

be well friend,
and please reply,
or ask questions.

for an awesome sermon on love, and relationships please;
click this link!


  • John, this is amazingly said. It breaks my heart when I see and hear ppl use the word ‘love’ so freely with no real meaning behind it. God’s love is so much bigger and better and cheaper. :)
    Very well said. Be blessed!

  • It was wonderful to read all 3 of your posts, especially this one! It continually amazes and humbles my soul to watch God pour the depths of His huge heart into ones like you! Your caring concern for others tripping over satan’s lies truly shines through. Many, especially those of your generation and younger, are being saved from the enemy’s snares because you are speaking and living boldly! Declare the word He’s given you, in season and out, no matter what, ’til He takes us home to be with Him! God bless you, my friend, in all that He has for you this coming year! :)

    • Woah! JoAnn! Thank you so much for the encouraging words.
      I do my best to speak (type) truth into lives of all.
      Thank you again for these kind words.

  • When I read your post, I couldn’t help but let your words touch my heart. I’ve been through that, where kids my age throw around the word ‘Love’ like it’s a baseball. I, personally, won’t tell someone I love them unless I actually mean it. Very inspiring words, keep it up. :)

    • I mean, there are different meanings of Love…and misusing the word is…no good.
      thank you so much for checking out the page, and commenting.

  • This is a brilliant post. That very concept of teenage “love” is one of the most disappointing aspects of our generation to me personally. And even worse is how much people, especially girls, are willing to sacrifice their standards and settle for the first who tells her she’s pretty or something. All for this so-called “love”. It’s happening right now with one of my friends and it’s just so sad.

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