Playing ‘the Christian’.

I am really good at playing the ‘Christian’ on my social media networks.
But when it comes to ‘real life’? I will be the first to admit – I drop the ball a lot.

A whole lot.

I don’t share Christ with others in real life as I do on Twitter.
But why?
If I am so bold as to broadcast Christ on my social media outlets, what is the disconnect?

I have a feeling it is the fact that I don’t really stretch myself to DO SOMETHING.
I am comfortable behind my keyboard or flip-phone…tweeting, blogging, facebooking away about Christ.
When I tend to ignore the souls on the other side of my screen.
Not talking about my followers, friends or subscribers…but the real life flesh looking at me.
In these coffee shops, libraries and camps.

Lord, help me to image you offline as well as I seem to online.

I’m going to be working on being more BOLD in real life.
I challenge you to do the same with me.
Share with me some of your struggles?


  • This is definitely a problem I have as well, I need to pray on it. Something also for me is that I find it easy to share with a stranger than one of my friends

  • This has been one of my thoughts/prayers as I’ve rested in my Christian cocoon. Part of my disconnect has been idolizing what I thought others thought about me (following that?). Using that for identity and self-worth. Part of it has been “What would it look like to ‘image Christ’ offline (and online)?” I’ve felt like I’ve often “done it wrong”.

    I don’t suggest to have the answers, but where I find myself right now.

    I’m learning how to fully embrace my identity in Christ – and WHAT THAT MEANS! I’ve been adopted into this amazing family and am right to all the benefits as heir – I don’t have to work my way in, earn it, NOTHING! Even while a sinner, an enemy of God, He demonstrated His love by sending His son to die for me.

    This changes everything.

    As to “what it looks like”? I’ve often pressured myself to squeeze Jesus in somehow. To use one of your tweets – lookup at my waiter and observe “Jesus>Heaven —> think about that.”. I’m feeling more that my role as Christ-reflector… is to breathe life. This takes form in different ways, but mostly with eye-contact and encouraging words. Genuinely caring for the person on the other side of the counter (or in the aisle), seeking to view them as Christ sees them.

    This also changes everything.

    As a disclaimer, I drop the ball a lot as well.

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