On Suffering.

I am reading Job this morning, and there are a few things that hit me in the face.

God gave the devil permission to do all of this to Job.
Yeah, He really did.

Reminding myself that I have such a narrow view of God.
He is truly good and allows only good to take place.
Even if it means that He allows everything to be taken from us.

We just need to suffer well.
As Job says:

“…shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” – Job 2:10b

We must keep things in perspective.
We are going to suffer in this sinful, fallen world.
But Goddoes have authority, even in our sufferings.

He is in control.


  • You’ve touched on one that I absolutely hate. No, I abhor. I’m going to be honest… my niece passed away after 18 days. Our little miracle baby of a niece passed away. God didn’t save her. He didn’t protect her. He gave her breath, and then took it away. It’s hard to say that “God has authority, even in our sufferings. He is in control” when you’ve lost something so precious.

    And yet, over a year later, it’s true. Suffering happens, and I don’t get it. I won’t get it. To be honest, I REFUSE to get it. Instead, I trust God in my feeble state because He did take her away and I don’t like that. Do I have a chip on my shoulder when people talk about suffering? You better believe I do. Yet I still believe God is Sovereign. It doesn’t make sense. None of it makes sense… and yet I know it all to be true because God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind. He has given me peace because He’s the Comforter.

    So if anybody is suffering, I say it’s not because God hates you. It’s not because God’s not there. It’s because this world is suffering, yet God has given hope of something greater and more beautiful without suffering one day. For now, things are just… plain… b.r.o.k.e.n.

    • I am so sorry to hear of your loss, man! I have lost some people who were close to me, far too soon, too! It is really terrible, and not fun. But I see all over the scriptures that God is in control. That nobody passes or is born without him knowing. He has a date and a time for everyone, and it just so happened that your little niece was to be called away sooner than we’d like.

      God is above all, nothing happens without his knowledge and consent. This is what I read in the bible anyway. He doesn’t promise that we’d be okay with it, or think that everything is honky-dori. Look at Job, after all. He lost everything…EVERYTHING! And when it came to the place, Job had a perfect response in his brokenness…he praised God in the dust and ashes he was in. What a strong witness to how we should treat it.

      We are going to be broken, things aren’t going to make sense. But like you said…’God has given hope of something greater and more beautiful…”

      If God could use the death of his Son on the cross – imagine how he is using the death of your baby niece, and the deaths of those who ‘leave too soon’ around the world. He is truly good, and does ONLY good. Even if it hurts, and doesn’t make sense for a while.

    • Terry – I’m with you. I refuse to get it – and God is still good. Very good message you put here.

  • Lost my mom 2007 from complications of Diabetes (Acute Coronary) and a year and a half after that my dad (2009) due to cancer. I am one of those who couldn’t agree more that you will never be the same again, when you loose those who make up your “home”. This was the very thing that I was asking God the very day I accepted Him as my Lord and King. God’s love thru Christ allowed me to accept that fact that His love for my parents is pure. That thought allowed me to trust and give things that I am uncapable of understanding to the pioneer and perfector of FAITH. I will not say that I am balanced with all the days that are passing/hav passed by. One thing steadies my soul when those those dark and somber thoughts come (or when things at work dont go our way…, or when people don’t treat you right) – God calling out “Take Heart.. Let not your hearts be troubled..”…And/Or the fact that Christ acknowledging the faith of His disciples when He was about to leave them. They who left their loved ones for His sake.. who chose to follow Him leaving their day jobs.. And Jesus Going on to say “in My Fathers house are many mansions, I am going there to prepare one for you!” These words I trust and live by. These words that allow us to forget ourselves and simply respond to His call – “COME! That hope out of love…. Blessings in Christ!

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