Flaky Christianity.

When it comes to my relationship with Christ; I’ll admit: I am quite flaky.

One week I am on fire for His truth and word,
The next week – I don’t even open my bible once.

How many times do we get angry at God when we don’t hear Him speak?
How many times do we get scared or sad when we feel our prayers are not answered?

We have the answers, we have His very voice available for us to understand and hear.
He has given us his divine word to understand Him more!

I am trying to get to a place where I consider my time with The Father as more important than any other time spent.
I can spend time leading praise and worship with Micah and the guys; but if I am not being fed in my quiet times, I am not going to be effective in leading others to His throne.

I consider my relationship with Ivy to be a healthy one;
We hang out a lot, learn new things about each other all the time,
Share our hearts in things.

This is exactly how it is to be when I read my bible;
I am naturally going to learn more things, get deeper and fall more in love with Christ.

Father, give us a passion for your word.
A passion to pursue deeper relationship with you.

John Wylie

I am just a blogger, drummer, brother, uncle, and friend living my life for Jesus Christ and blogging about it.


  • It’s true – I think your observation about needing to feed to effectively lead worship is a great one. Shifts the perspective of being a worship leader – to a lead worshiper.

    I echo your prayer.

    • Worship leader…that frustrates me.


      Because it alludes to the idea that worship is an event or a couple of songs which is unbiblical.

      Worship is now a lifestyle, not some sing-songs at an institution on a Sunday.

      We don’t need worship leaders…we lead worship with our lives!

  • I think this takes prayer and God working a paradigm shift. Living in the reality that I need Him everyday to do what He asks of me. I don’t go to church to meet with God, but I am the church, therefore He is with me.

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