Christian Music vs Secular Music

Since the day I accepted Jesus as my Lord and saviour, I made the choice to destroying all my secular music, yes I could have just sold them on to make some cash but I felt that would just be wrong because it would influence someone else to follow such a lifestyle.

The reason why I decided to remove secular music from my life is because it was having an impact on myself and would only cause trouble with my walk with Christ. I believe music plays a big part in our lives and can influence us in many different ways.

Since becoming a Christian I have done my best to stick with Christian music only. Trust me there are some amazing bands out there ranging from many different genres. As Christians we can’t really complain on the limited amount of Christian music there is available to us, it’s just a matter for doing a bit of research. Personally I love to listen to all kinds of Christian music genres… I’m not too fussy!

What are your thoughts as a Christian on listening to secular music? Do you think music plays a big part in our lives? Would love to hear your thoughts!


  • My man, this simple division does not exist. More important is your conscience about music. Secular music can be all ok, as long as it is true and good,as Paul says everything that is true and good. And likewise, some of the christian music is escapism, and then it is not true and good. In addition to this, if you have a conscience of fear for secular, and open mind for all what is called christian music, you can end up with too much fear and that is what tells me that this division does not exist. If you insist that it exist, please judge the lyrics of the christian music, at it can be just as liberal or inflated as any other music is. This is my best call. I would have some expections though, but you will probably know which types of secular music which is not good: praising of some foreign God, be it Black Metal or New Age lyrics of mantra. But also songs about spending too much money ? Or? You decide. Songs you accidentely hear should not affect you. Better be the christian artists that do not always use the religious language, but still preach the mercy and life: like Mike Scott, Peter Gabriel ? Do you have suggestions ?

    • I think you and I agree on quite a few points. I have heard some really terrible ‘Christian’ songs that had no truth in them, and I’ve heard quite a few ‘secular’ songs that have hit me where it counts.

      I am interested to see how Phil replies too. I am sure it will be in agreement with many of your statements as well.

      • I got rid of all my gangster rap when I first got saved. My mentor and I didn’t just throw it away, we burned it along with some other paraphernalia. I was afraid at the time, if I just threw it in the trash I might dig it back out! But getting rid of my country collection was a process that took several years. I had myself convinced they weren’t “that bad” Then I put the simple facts together, and realized when ever I listened to them it changed my whole attitude and mind set! I say if it doesn’t honor the Lord, chunk it!

      • Rosa, YES! This includes some bands that call themselves ‘Christian’ but really don’t have biblical lyrics!

      • Thanks for reading the article guys! Most of the music I used to listen to before becoming a Christian was black metal, death metal and punk music which contained cuss words pretty much every sentence. So I trashed them right away. Like Rosa said… It was having a great effect on my attitude and emotions.

        I agree with most of what you are saying djhalleu. Some bands who label themselves a Christian band have songs that don’t really glorify God… Usually a fully devoted Christian band would write lyrics that glorify The Lord, thanks for bringing that up.

        Depends what music you like djhalleu, Kutless, The Glorious Unseen, Lecrae and Hillsong I have been listening to a lot lately. =]

  • Something else to think about, too, is Paul’s ‘weaker brother’ argument. If you have no issues listening to secular music, but your brother does…then just don’t do it. There are plenty of great Christian bands out there. :)

  • This is to assume that there’s a difference between what’s Christian and what’s secular…when really nothing’s secular because God is in all.

    How do you defeat the darkness? Turn on the light!

    • Music that contains truth of scripture has life. Anything else doesn’t. There are many ‘christian’ bands that don’t have very biblical lyrics. As far as I’m concerned, they’re in the same boat.

  • I applaud your efforts… I am a musician who spent years listening to and playing secular music, even after I came to Jesus. But, I realize now (as I have matured more in Christ) that we really do need to come out from the world and be separate. The Bible tells us not to follow the pattern of this world. As a musician, the farther I have come away from singing in a secular style, the more riveting and fulfilling it has become. On a more serious note… I used to take drugs and alcohol when I would play and I noticed that sometimes something would take over and play for me. Also, ideas and chords for songs would just fall in my lap. I wonder if this is true for secular artists. I never really told anyone about it until I came to Christ and found out that it was a demonic influence. I guess while it was happening I was really scared deep down, but enjoying it at the same time? Thank you Jesus for your mercy and deliverance! About three years ago, I started putting my own blog together for people like us that would like to discover and listen to Christian bands. It is called

    I am always putting new music up and after discovering so many great Christian artists, I now know there is no reason for me to ever listen to another secular band again. Check it out! I will leave you with a quote that really hits home on this subject. God bless!

    Words and thoughts are seeds. Combined with music, they’re a
    powerful force. They may seem very small and insignificant, but can
    grow into a great influence in our hearts and lives and may possibly
    govern our future actions as their influence grows. -Kenneth Hepner

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