I figure that with a relaunch / revamp of the site, I’d start with a subject that I think needs to be established:
Bible reading.

This is something that I have, only recently, begun to get serious about. Spending time in my bible.

You see, I have found that spending time reading my bible is simply the best way to spend my time.
I have found that when I read my bible, especially for long periods of time, I feel refreshed, calmer and more sensitive to what God wants me to do for the day. Seriously.

This shouldn’t be any mystery though. God himself promises that the bible is living and active, and will judge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart! (Hebrews 4:12)

I have found that reading my word has brought me closer in a walk with Christ.
And not just reading it…but thinking on it and wrestling with it.

Being a part of Ryan Dalgliesh’s SevenTen Discipleship program has really changed some behaviors of mine.
But…I wouldn’t say it is the class…Though, I do think some of the habits that the class is giving me are helping out.

We are forced to abide in, study and learn [TRULY LEARN] the text. Dig deeper, see what is going on…and absorb it.

We aren’t supposed to take a 5 minute quick devotional in the morning, and call it good.
God commands us to LIVE in his word…to ABIDE in it. Not to just pull it out when we have time, but to make time for it.

Jesus takes our time in the word very seriously. I mean take a look at John 8:31!

“So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples,”

Pretty intense stuff.
Want to know if you are a true, God-seeking, disciple of Christ?

When was the last time you honestly ‘abided’ in His word?
Don’t answer me…check your heart. Repent. Abide.


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