Terrorists // Hell // Jesus

So. This blog is going to piss a lot of people off.
It even would have pissed me off a few months ago if I had read it.
So – understand this…I know where your thoughts are about to be coming from.
But please – know I am doing this for the growth of the body – and to lead us to LOVE CHRIST more?

As you know, some crazy stuff has happened this past week.
Explosions – deaths – and murders.
Things that shock us if they happen once a year…but this many events all at once?!
Pretty much impossible to accept.

It has shocked me, the number of posts written about these young men who killed so many.
Who ruined so many families – lives and relationships.
REAL LIFE HURT happened this week, folks…deep pain.
Pain that I cannot even begin to HOPE to understand.

Posts were written that, basically, said ‘I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL!’ – ‘LET HIM BURN FOR WHAT HE’S DONE!!’…and the like.

Posts that made me sick.
Posts that I saw coming from men and women that I respect and love.
Posts coming from young people who are so vocal about their love for Christ.
Posts coming from pastors, elders, deacons and church members.
Posts that made me fall on my face and beg…

What did I beg for?
The salvation of this last remaining suspect.
Begging that Christ would move in this man’s life and SAVE HIM!

Not from the earthly judgement he faces – but the eternal one he is going to answer to.
The question if He has Christ in his heart..

This is where a lot of you are going to get red-faced and pissed at me.
But hear me out – I am not just saying this to piss people off…this is a gut-check that I had to come face to face with a few months back.

That cop that got murdered last night by this captured suspect…
What if he didn’t have Christ in his heart?
Honestly ask yourself this question…what happens?

You see we know the answer…but we SO BADLY want to¬†romanticize people’s deaths.
And we cannot afford to do this.
This man, the cop, would face the same eternity that so many LOUDLY shouted for…

We cannot afford to miss this point.
Christ died so that we would know Him – and would know the Father thru Him.
We are not judged on anything other than the presence or absence of Christ.
That is it.

Now, if you were one of those people so loudly typing and yelling for this suspect to BURN FOR WHAT HE’D DONE!
Fall on your face…
Fall on your face before a holy God who loves everyone enough to DIE for them and repent.
Ask him to change your heart and mind – to burden your heart for the lost…all of them!
Even the ones that ‘look good’ and ‘do good things’ and ‘serve society’.
Even for the ones who blow people up, and crap on you.
Even for the ones who lead this and other countries.

Jesus changes EVERYTHING.
Think about it.


  • Well said, brother. When Jesus said “Pray for your enemies,” He did not
    follow it with “that they might burn in hell.” Well said, indeed.

  • Very well said. This guy needs Jesus, just like you and I do every singe day. We deserve hell just as much as he does. When Jesus died for the sins of the world, suspect #2 was included too.

  • brilliant. you definitely have it right, and I’m so proud of you for having the courage to post honest perspective. good on you.

  • Well said, John. I also saw many people whom I know and who go by “Christian” condemning this young man to hell, it was sickening.

  • Awesome!! This is the reason why Jesus died, so that messages like this can flood the social air waves. But, John everyone reacts differently, and although you did an excellent job in your display of the Love and Truth of Christ, we still should be praying for those, preachers, teachers, leaders and followers of Christ who condemned. Because one thing for sure, we as Christians or followers of Christ will miss the mark and posts like this is what links to the God in us and brings things into perception, where conviction meets our heart and allows us to see as Jesus and ask for forgiveness and repent! Great read keep it up!!

  • Without Jesus we might all be the next bomber. Praise God for sanctification.

  • When the people God hates are only who we hate, when His responses should be how we would respond, it’s possible we are worshiping a good of our own making rather than the Creator of the universe. Many of these statements begin, “My god would never…”.

    Our hatred has to be against sin, not people. But its easier to hate and fight people than it is to love our perceived enemy.

  • This is no joke what I was mad about last night. People arent showing the love they profess. It’s rediculous. Thanks for a splash of truth in a river of negativity and hypocrisy.

  • It’s the same folks who get mad that Jeffery Dahmer will greet them at the pearly gate because he gave his life to Christ before he was killed in jail. Or how about Paul in the bible who KILLED christians, a religious terrorist himself. I mean c’mon. If we love Jesus and the one who wrote 2/3rds of the new testament, we have to have grace for these terrorists today!

  • Awesome post! Thank you for reminding us of our Christian responsibilities.

  • And this is exactly why Jesus weeps, because people do not choose Jesus.

    What upsets me is that people cheer without looking at the bigger picture. While I am glad that he was caught, I am still upset that their had to be casualties from that. Sort of similar to what I have felt with the Bin Laden incident. So many times we miss the bigger picture, and this is confirmation that a lot of us have lost it. Thank you for sharing this post John

  • Another great post John. I could never wish anyone dead… What I do wish for is that these type of people come to know the Lord and run to the cross for repentance. Salvation is for everyone, no matter how good or bad we are, sin is sin.

  • I think God is a God of both mercy and justice. So, I surely pray for his soul but also pray the full extent of the law under God comes down on this young terrorist and that our authorities execute their duties to protect us here and abroad. God is angered at injustice and evil and so should we. And, God loved us while still in sin, so should we be. So pray for justice as well as mercy and lets not be inhumane and show mercy to those that have lost so much.

  • John, well said. This is along the lines of my thinking the past few days. My first thought when this happened was to pray that they would ask God for forgiveness and repent. And he is merciful and would surely forgive them. They sinned greatly, but in God’s eyes, all sins are created equal right? We are commanded to love our enemies. Not easy to do, but what we should do regardless. Thanks for shring your thoughts…

    • Kelly! So good seeing you over here – thank you for reading.
      I think it is KEY to understand that the families of the lost will take longer to forgive – but our job as onlookers (and believers) is to pray for all involved. Including the suspect.

      Thank you for sharing YOUR thoughts :)

  • This was an excellent Blog. And it highlights one of the greatest points of Christ and his faith. MERCY! That which we all need! We are not called to condemn sinners but to pray for them and love them.

  • Love this. Whatever it takes, whoever it is, let’s show them Jesus.

  • I saw a post yesterday that said (more or less) I am atheist, but afraid of hell. If you are afraid of hell, then you admit hell exists. if hell exists, then heaven exists. so you are not really atheist, but someone that does not practice a religion – it’s obvious that you believe, you just wrote it [sorry, I digress]

    People don’t think through the things that they say and do. Sad, but true.

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