Consider Job

Have you ever had a rough day? Like…a really rough day?
Like, nothing you do seems to work, or nothing goes your way?

You are brushing your teeth in the morning, and happen to slobber all over yourself.
You change shirts and get your coffee ready to head to the office with you.
Sitting in the car you drop the coffee and it spills on your lap.
You go change pants. 5 minutes late to work already.

Yeah. Those kinds of days.

Have you ever lost a lot of money in a bad investment?
Have you ever lost a loved one too soon?!

You see – we’ve all have bad days.
Terrible days, I’d bet.

I know I have.
And my first reaction is (typically) to curse God – to yell and scream.
To ask why…to wonder why things are happening the way they are happening.

But then. God reminds me.
One simple thought comes to mind.
The life of Job.

You see, Job was just a normal guy, serving an abnormal God.
The Devil walks up to God’s throne one day and God tells the Devil to consider his servant Job for torture and testing…yeah. That’s a bad day.

The Devil continues to take away all of Job’s riches and animals, livestock…etc.

Then the Devil comes BACK to GOD and God tells the Devil he can do more.
Kill Job’s whole family, give Job skin disease — Yeah…that day just got worse.

But what was Jobs’ response?
Well, first he complained a lot – God set the record straight…and Job was rooted deeper in God’s love and kindness and responded with:
“In this dust and ash, I will worship.”

God, give me a heart like Job. Not like mine.
Where my first thought is ‘What is God going doing?’ and not ‘What am I going to do?!’.

Make me look more like Your Son.
Help me to not forsake the discipline of The Lord.
Call me out.
Break me down.
Build me up!



  • What a great reminder, John. For me, you could not have been at a more perfect time.

  • On page#186 in our book “The God I Never Knew”, by Robert Morris- he unlocks how cool friendship is with the Holy Spirit. In his words…’He’s (the H.S.) practical. He wants to come and help you every day. He wants to be your walk-beside- talk-to-every-moment, comforting, empowering best friend’.

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