Crazy. Dumb. Faith

Use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because I already steal enough jokes…my blogs GOTTA be original.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about your faith from an Athiest’s perspective?
Seriously, take a moment. Think about it.

Let’s look at some crazy bible stories and try to think about it logically.
This should be fun.

Let’s start from the beginning.
God makes everything out of nothing.

Then a talking snake? Really?!
Since when does eating a fruit make you sin?!

God tells a dude to build a boat, take his family and TONS of animals on it with him.

The world being flooded.

Floating on said boat with tons of animals and family for over a year.

God talking from a bush.

Plauges of Pharoh?

The sun stands still for a battle to be won.

God commanding the slaying of women, children and babies?!

Jonah in the whale (or big fish).

A baby being born of a virgin.

Countless miracles Jesus did.

Jesus dying and coming back to life.


I don’t know about you – but I could see how those (including countless other things) could be seen as crazy and ‘dumb’ to believe in.

I am grateful that God gives us faith to trust Him that these things did, do and will happen.
We serve a God who uses crazy and dumb situations and stories to bring faith.

He can, will and does work these crazy dumb things to bring people to the knowledge and worship of Him. That’s stinkin’ awesome.


  • *Crazy Dumb-I am stinkin’ .Both crazy & dumb.Raken over the coals my life no fun.I gambled and chanced I reeled and spun-outa control my life my fun-Endless dreams keep com in’ in spiritual lines-if I fall OUT / IN the spirit at least it’s wine.-I contend, I suppose on my knees up in arms.I once believed “who could I harm”-Myself myself…….inside …no …alarm! Faith needs to be a well. We come to drink from regularly. In my life ,Mr. Wylie, I might as well have walked around with a noose on my neck and stay put under a shady tree. We are our own worst enemies and I can’t say for sure that that is in the Bible. One thing I have learned;is how to approach God thru Christ. I gotta keep goin’ to Church and read that Bible.I’m answering my critics today in Love. I had always thrown away.I now have a beautiful marriage a happy home, I’m a vet / saved since 1984 and I can’t seem to see this question answered -“When did I get Saved or born again or born from above. It staggers my mind.After i spent for what seems an eternity in the VA psych wards….He….dude…..Quite honestly blows my mind. I dig You Mr. Wylie. I too am a musician/guitarist/vocalist/sax/piano. Those things could never ever blow my mind as He has and continues to do. I Love You Mr. John Wylie!

    • You’re one awesome dude – I appreciate seeing your tweets to me ( and random folks who reply to me ) – Always gets me pumped up to see you ON FIRE for Jesus, and unapologetic to the TRUTH you speak.

      Love you too, Mr Thaddeus! You’re one rad guy…maybe one day we can meet in real life!

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