Hello, old friend.

Good morning..
It’s been a while.

I am wanting to be more transparent in my walk with Jesus – and blogging seems to be the most effective way to do this in a public manner.

This blog will be a journal of my thoughts, adventures, failures, wins and general journey of being a Christ follower.

I seem to go through these patterns on this blog – but hopefully this time it will be more of a discipline and regular occurrence.

Blogs are not great without community – so I am glad you are along with me for this journey. Be sure to comment, share, subscribe — all of that. We are in this together…I am excited to be here with YOU.

6 thoughts on “Hello, old friend.

  1. Since I appreciate comments on my blog, I wanted to give you one! You had me at “more transparent in my walk with Jesus.” Can’t wait to read more from your heart. We ARE in this together!

  2. Glad to see you back to blogging! I’ll be jumping back in myself once this semester is over. This has been a crazy year that has taken away my time to write, but hoping to change that for next year.

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