Redeeming Social Media

Today I was on my Twitter account (on the actual website, not my cell phone). And I started to see tweets that I wouldn’t like in my newsfeed…tweets about sexual escapades, with bad language, and just not-very-tasteful tweets.

I have been searching for #JesusTweeters and pastors in my recent campaign to connect with more Jesus lovers – but it seems like some people have slipped thru the cracks. And I don’t like this.

You see, when you follow someone on Twitter it is more than just a handshake. When you follow someone back on Twitter – it is really saying ‘I genuinely care about what you have to say, and want to see it in my timeline’. It also makes it possible for others to click your profile and see what kind of people you follow.

When we use social media we are doing much more than just broadcasting our breakfast, bible studies and best selfies – we SHOULD be proclaiming and sharing the love of Jesus.

There is a LOT of messed up stuff on social media, this cannot be denied. But we are ‘the light of the world’ according to Jesus in Matthew 5:14. We are casting light wherever we go – including social media.

Can we redeem the online space that is filled with sexual promiscuity, bullying and negative talk?! Can we show Jesus to a world that is seeking more, deeper, truer substance than what they have found?


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