Twitter: A wide net.

After many many years of wrestling with my Twitter strategy and how to most effectively use the platform – I feel like I’ve come to the best conclusion in the past couple weeks. 

When it comes to social media – things can get tricky. There are many different ways to properly use platforms and leverage them for certain goals.

That is what I love about social media: it is fluid.
There is no singular ‘right way’ to do things.
People have found – and are finding – their own way on each platform…and it is working for them.

For me, my strategy for Twitter specifically, has changed and morphed many many many times over the years. But only recently have I finally come to a conclusion of what works best for me and my mission with it. So. Here is my strategy in 3 main sections..!

Cast a wide net.

I have recently started following a large number young leaders, influencers, churches, pastors and Christ-minded folks. Part of this mix is a healthy number of people who are not believers. I have gone to certain accounts and followed 10-20 people from each one…moved on, done the same.

This has given me a large network of thousands that I can look into at any moment and engage you know – interact with, encourage, pray for, bless, retweet…etc.

Use Twitter Lists.

Twitter allows you to make lists of people! This is super useful. Let’s say you follow local pastors but you just want to see what THEY have been up to from time to time – if you add these people to a Twitter list – you can check on specifically their tweets at any given time…in (basically) a mini-timeline. Lists can be private, or public, with a click of a button.

This has allowed me to make a grouping of lists that allow me to keep up with groups of 500 influencers and young leaders at a time – as well as dial it down to more intentional groups of 10 – 50 that I specifically keep up with. Which brings me to my third point.

Be Intentional.

These smaller lists that I have are people that I have more ‘personal’ connections with. People who’ve been connected with me for a while – or people that I just feel I need to keep in more of a foundational role with Twitter and ministry stuff in general.

These are people I check on regularly through the day, to see what they are up to, and reach out to them way more regularly. These are…for lack of better terms, ‘my peeps’. Those I keep closest to me on the Twitter world.

You should still remain intentional with the WIDE net as well as the other lists – but this list / these lists should be your main jam. The one(s) you keep up with the most. The one(s) you reach out to…really get in real-life moments with.


Now, if you are a student of the Word, you may find this model to be pretty familiar. Jesus Himself used something similar with his ministry on earth.

He would preach / teach to the thousands – then He had the few hundred that followed him around and He was more intentional with – then He had His 12 (or 11 ;)) that He really invested in and raised up / had deeper community with.

Jesus cared about the thousands who listened, the hundreds that followed and the 12 that were deepest in relationship with Him. He wasn’t about the numbers for the sake of numbers…He was always mindful to filter out the nay-sayers and the haters. Addressing them…but not dwelling on them. I am still learning how to effectively do this part…but with His grace – I will learn!

I didn’t even touch the content / curation side of things in this blog – maybe my next blog will address that. I simply wanted to give some pointers and ideas of how I am running my Twitter evangelism strategy.

Evangelism is basically about getting the message of Jesus out to as many people as possible…Twitter gives us an INCREDIBLE way to do that.

At the end of the day – we are called to effectively make disciples in all areas of our life…why should social media be any different?

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  • I love your approach! I’m not on twitter, but I was just recently discussing with my husband how I love using my Instagram to share Gods message by lettering bible verses. I thank God for the gift of creativity so that I have the opportunity to share His word that way.

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