Refresh. Restart. Redo.

You know those moments? The ones where you are reading a book and you feel some sort of way. You just KNOW the author is talking to you?

That’s exactly what happened while I was reading “Own The Moment” by Carl Lentz in 2017. The book got me thinking about social media, my life and what truly gives me purpose and meaning.

My moments are not my social media. My moments are outside of it. And I allowed certain profiles and statuses to be “me” and I allowed a certain number to be my identity…so…I killed it.

I started over. I am fresh. I am new. No longer worrying about who is or isn’t following me. I am going to love people around me and if people want to know what I am up to online…they can follow me. If not, that’s cool too.

Here’s to a fresh 2018. Here’s to a deeper walk in who I am…a truthful walk.


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