Let’s get this party started!


With this new year, I am challenging myself to do a few things. Many of you have seen the post I put out on social media the other day – but I just wanted to give some more definition to the post!

Point 1 – Read 2 books a month.
By read, I mean either actual reading or listening to Audio Books. Let me tell you – Audible might just be my favorite thing! Being able to listen to books has been SUCH a blessing on flights and road trips!

Point 2 – Blog 3x a Week.
I am planning a pretty rigorous posting schedule (writing 3 blogs a week can be a LOT!). This 3 posts a week plan will give me a big challenge, but one that I think will ultimately be extremely rewarding to me (and, hopefully, you)!
My main objectives to write about are as follow: Faith, Social Media, Life Updates. These are three things that I feel pretty confident that I will be able to write about on a pretty regular basis. As the year goes on, and I read more books, I feel the content and messages will get clearer and clearer, and we will make this journey a great one!

Point 3 – Create at least one sermon video a month.
These sermons are going to be quick and sweet. They are going to explore key Biblical thoughts, concepts, and challenges. Most of these will be edited by my friend Andrew of MicroEden. And they will be uploaded to Facebook to start – and eventually to YouTube.

Point 4 – Crate a social media e-course and e-book program for individuals and businesses.
This course and e-book will be (hopefully) a bundled deal, as well as an individually priced item. The course will be a series of 7 10-20 minute videos that will range from general consulting to step-by-step guides on things ranging from optimizing your Social Media usernames and biographies to setting up AdWord Campaigns. After going through the course, there will be an option to get continued personalized training (1 on 1 or small group setting) for a fee.

Point 5 – Take a week off in the tropics.
This one kind of explains itself, but trust me, there will be many Mai Thais enjoyed and many beach-filled days happening. I am still debating if I want it to be cruise style, or a resort style vacation.

Well, there we have it, folks! My goals outlined for THIS YEAR! 2018 is going to be a GREAT year, I can feel it already. And I am so excited to have YOU along for the ride!

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