Purge and Unplug.

I was looking at my phone this morning and I have so many apps. Random ones I downloaded because of a conversation with a friend about the next big network (Peach?), the next big game (flappy bird?) and random news apps.

It’s time to downsize.

I have apps on my phone that I haven’t touched in weeks…let alone months.

This got me thinking more and more about my life.

What relationships / friendships are in my life that haven’t been touched in weeks or months? It’s time to review my life, and my phone, and see what apps need to go, and what relationships need to be reevaluated or simply let go of…

Give yourself room to cut and purge things from your life. Like your phone, letting go of relationships that are taking up head and heart space will free those areas to be open to grow the already existing relationships, or even open yourself up for new ones!

Guard your mind and heart space. Just like storage space on your phone – you only have so much you can take up before you start to become ineffective and fighting against yourself.

Which brings up another point – we’ve got to reset ourselves from time to time. Going media free for 24 – 72 hours would be a great start! Refresh your mind, restart your thoughts…and press on!

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