A weekend to remember…

About 8 months ago I received a serious phone call…from a good friend.

He told me that he had something coming up and he wanted me to be a part of it.

A wedding.

Of course I said yes!
What an honor!

This would be the first wedding I have been in that wasn’t an immediate family member or family friend.
He was my first wedding of a FRIEND. WOOHOO!
What an honor.

We got an email a few weeks later and it had information about the place we were getting them: Men’s Wearhouse (follow them on Twitter).
Another epic WIN – those guys know how to dress dudes!

I logged on to the information page – and saw the suits.
Calvin Klein gray fitted suit with baby blue vest and ties.
Also – white and black tuxedo shoes…flyyy!

There was so much excitement in the air.

But, a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without something going slightly wrong, right?
Well…it happened. To me. Bughhh.

Here is how it went down:
The wedding was in Mineola TX – about 7 hours away from the town I live in.
There is no Men’s Wearhouse anywhere near the town I live…unfortunately.

We had to travel to a store on the way in Waco TX. It was an awesome trip!
When we showed up for our fitting – the jacket was bulky…really bulky.
Apparently the store that measured me messed up…BIG time.
The guys who were there instantly jumped on it and started to think of what they could do to help.

The closest store to Mineola TX was in Tyler TX – about an hour and a half away.
The wedding was in two days.
The pictures were going to be in the morning because the wedding was at 2PM.
Stress city was upon us!

The store manager over at the Waco store gave a call to the Tyler store.
There was a deal.
The manager of the Tyler store was going to meet us half way at a Dairy Queen.
Freaking SWEET deal!

I got a small refund and we were back on the road to Mineola TX.
Phone number of the Tyler TX store in hand.

We showed up to the wedding and started to meet the other groomsmen and wedding party.
I had never met anyone else other than the groom and his brother & sister…and, of course, the bride.

Handshakes and hugs all around!

I gave the manager a call the next afternoon before the rehearsal dinner.
The jacket was not in yet…great, more drama. Just what I needed.

The jacket is guaranteed to be in the next morning, I had to trust.
I had to pray. I prayed, hard.

When we got to the dinner we were told pictures would be at 1030, but we had to get to the church at 9AM.
The Tyler store opens at 9AM. The half way spot was 45 minutes away. It wasn’t going to make time.
Not good. I was going to have to wear my bulky jacket in the photos before the wedding. Yikes.

The next morning I called again to check in, and was told: the jacket ended up being shipped to the Waco store – not the Tyler store.
So – the store manager in Tyler said that he thinks there was a jacket that he had in store.
And he did have one…it was on a display. And it was my size!! How fortunate.
He could meet my friend Michael in the halfway point at 10:15AM – late…but it works!
We had a game-plan.
It was go-time.

Here is what we all looked like. Notice how different my jacket looked.

Check out those sleeves...!

Needless to say, I was freaking out the whole time my friend Michael was out picking up the new jacket from the Tyler TX store manager.
A couple more pictures were snapped – and I was conveniently moved from my previous position. Check it:

Looks a bit better. Right…?
Anyway – right after the pictures were snapped – the jacket came in!!

I slipped it on – we prayed – and it was game time.
I was giving Jesus so much praise that the jacket had come in, and that I was there for my good friends on their special day…looking fly in the Calvin Klein suit from Men’s Wearhouse…!!

I also had to snap a picture of myself for my Instagram followers:

Look how fly the suit looks...!!

The wedding was super beautiful.
Everything went as planned. Perfect.
Truly. Perfect.

I am glad I got to be a part of it.
I am glad Men’s Wearhouse was a part of it, too!

Needless to say, Men’s Wearhouse went above and beyond the call of duty.
They have a new life-long customer. And I can’t wait to use them for all of my suit and business casual wear needs in the future.

You all really need to check them out if you haven’t – and support them!
They take what they say seriously: ‘Your Gonna Like The Way You Look. I Guarantee It.’
They are true to their word. Rare in big business these days.

John Wylie

I am just a blogger, drummer, brother, uncle, and friend living my life for Jesus Christ and blogging about it.

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